A hundred sketches in 2 days

The Challenge: 100 observational sketches of things, people, spaces, flows, and contexts on white index cards over two (2) days throughout San Francisco.

The Tools: One (1) 40% warm gray marker, one (1) black fine point sharpie, one (1) black fine point 88 marker, and one (1) pack of white index cards.

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The Only Book you Need to Grasp the Fundamentals of UX Design

If you have been seeking a clear and concise overview on what exactly User Experience Design (UXD) is all about, your first stop should be to snag a copy of the classic read by Jesse James Garrett, a well respected and highly accomplished master of the craft.

First published in early 2000, The Elements of User Experience Design delivers a quick and detailed primer on the fundamentals of UXD that still prove highly relevant today. 

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