Eventbrite: 'Favorite an EVENT Organizer' Feature


Eventbrite is an online ticketing and event management platform allowing organizers to sell tickets and promote and publish events across social platforms.


As a UX Team of One the objective behind the 'Favorite an Event Organizer' feature was to give Eventbrite users the ability to follow specific Organizers and be notified when they post new events. This arose out of my own frustration trying to stay up to date with the hundreds of organization and groups whose events I enjoy.  

The assumptions were that other users currently miss out on events by organizers that host semi-regularly or irregular events and rely heavily on direct email and social media posts that can easily get overlooked in the sea of information.  

To test my hypothesis I conducted a series of user interviews throughout San Francisco over the course of 3 days. After interviewing a handful of Eventbrite users, I explored how Eventbrite might meet this demand within their existing infrastructure. 


Please enjoy the video of a basic prototype to showcase how this feature might operate within the existing Eventbrite design.  






Once I had a rapid persona to work off of and had established all the tasks the user should be able to perform with this feature, I began to sketch out some lo-fi UI sketches to explore visually the interface and interactions. 




At first I had assumed Mary would need to unfavorite an organizer from her home feed. Simple enough. Wrong. After digging deeper into the user flows, I quickly realized this would require a fundamental shift in business and product mission. Not having direct insight into the organization my assumption is Eventbrite prioritizes event discovery and conversion over all else. 



Without proper testing, it's impossible to know the real effect this feature would have on the business goals and overall user experience. Therefore, my next steps might be a combination of gauging interest through a false door with select users or testing the feature with limited functionality with beta users for example. Depending on the outcome of further experimentation I might also experiment with ways to monetize as a 'pro' feature.  




Please note that I am not affiliated with Eventbrite. I developed this feature as an opportunity to explore how to make the Eventbrite experience even richer for their users.