MentorCloud provides a global, cloud-based mentoring platform for schools and organizations. As a member of MentorCloud, you can search for and establish mentorships across borders. 


MentorCloud came to us to help assess the the state of usability for the on-boarding flow of their web app and propose design recommendations to improve that experience and ultimately increase the profile completion rate. 

Over a two (2) week sprint I conducted a series of usability studies on the existing experience. Based off the insights uncovered from the first round of studies we made a rapid prototype with our revisions for a second round of usability studies. Once we were confident we had reached an effective and more enjoyable on-boarding flow we presented our design solutions to the executive team.  

Team: Malia TiceBeatrice Law, Laci White


  1. Draw up a task flow to represent the existing state 
  2. Conduct usability studies, analyze, and synthesize findings
  3. Use findings to inform alternative UI (wireframes, sketches) and user task flow
  4. Conduct usability studies on new design, analyze, and synthesize findings 
  5. Present design recommendations to team 


From the usability studies we found pain points centered are these key areas:

Account Creation

  • Lack of clarity around the value of joining the platform.
  • Confusion by being asked to create an account to then to be taken to another screen with the option to create an account with Linkedin or create an account manually again.
  • Once realizing that by connecting with Linkedin a number of profile fields would be auto populated some users expressed mild irritation. 
  • The use of radio buttons left users under the impression they only had the option to be a mentor or a mentee, but not both. 

Profile Setup  

  • Due to the absence of progress tracking many users wondered how much longer the process was going to take. 
  • Each user didn't realize when completing their profile they could enter tags instead of sentences in some text fields.
  • Many users were uncertain of what exactly they should put in many fields and were overwhelmed by the shear size of the fields.

* Bonus

Beyond the original scope we were able to uncover user feedback on the Mentor Recommendation screen, landing point once finish completing user profile, from those who made it to that point in the flow. 

Mentor recommendation page

  • Users were not sure how to determine if a potential mentor or mentee would be a good based off the information provided and wondered what the recommendations were based on.
  • Many users click on the profile image of another user with the expectation it would show their profile instead of having to select 'view profile' which was often overlooked. 


Account Creation

  • Consolidate landing page and account creation page.
  • Give the user a clear and compelling reason to join.
  • Encourage Linkedin sign-up to pre-fill information to reduce cognitive load when completing the profile. 



Profile Setup

  • Incorporate progress tracking throughout the flow so users understand the commitment they are making and can prepare. 
  • Include tooltips on hover throughout the flow to help users understand what type of information is being requested and provide examples. 
  • Allow the user to complete the process at a later date with "save & finish later" instead of only having the option to "join" which indicates they are done with the on-boarding process. 
  • Condense form fields to more accurately reflect the amount of information being requested.





Mentorship Recommendations