As a design team of three (3) over a one (1) week design sprint we conducted a comprehensive exploration into MentorCloud's 'Sharing and Insight' feature with the intent of uncovering opportunities to increase engagement rates. This included a series of usability interviews, design stories, and task flows before arriving at our design recommendations. 

Team: Malia Tice (Project Lead), Beatrice Law, Laci White


MentorCloud provides a global, cloud-based mentoring platform for schools and organizations. As a member of MentorCloud, you can search for mentorships and connect across borders. 


From our usability studies, we uncovered pain points focused around three (3) core areas. 

  1. 'Insight' feature functionality 
  2. Snapshots 
  3. Verbiage 



Insight Functionality  

  • Follow common design patters that users are already trained on. 
  • Remove potential barriers to sharing an insight, such as reading hyperlinks without http. 
  • Add a tagging feature for posting the ‘insight’ is able to tag people in their network. Once an insight is posted, those who were tagged in the post would receive a notification with a link to the insight.


  • If the purpose of the Snapshot area is to give a brief overview of the user activities, it should update when the user interacts(favorites) with MentorCloud.
  • Let user expectations guide how MentorCloud will behave. Users expected clicking on Favorites will show a list of their favorited insights. The snapshot area should act as a quick way to access different activities they have done 4 insights are clearly favorited but Snapshot area only displays 3 Favorites with MentorCloud.


  • Using a consistent language for features across the planform (eg using like in some places and favorite elsewhere for the same feature) will capture a higher degree of trust from the user.
  • Combine the Library and Dashboard into one view and add a View sort.
  • Insight is easily understandable terminology since it is accepted that mentors and mentees both have insights. However, once posted, it is uncertain where the insights will go. I believe changing “Happenings” to “Insight Feed” is more suggestive of the platform’s behavior.




Usability study

Design Stories

  • With MentorClouds Share an Insight Feature Ravi can…
  • Share insights with his network
  • Share insights with specific people
  • Share media with his network
  • Share media with specific people
  • Share articles with his network
  • Share articles with specific people
  • Share photos with his network
  • Share photos with specific people
  • Upload content and media to share with network
  • Upload content and media to share with specific people
  • Favorite an insight
  • Edit an insight
  • Save changes to an insight
  • Delete an insight
  • Tag a person to an insight
  • Edit happenings view to see network insights
  • Edit happenings view to see your insights
  • Edit happenings view to see favorited insights
  • Edit happenings view to see top favorited insights by members
  • Edit happenings view to see latest


Task flow