Leading a design team of two (2) over a one (1) week sprint we focused on exploring the existing registration process to uncover opportunities to enhance the experience and increase registration. 

Team: Laci White (Project Lead), Kristen Sunde


VSporto gives sports fans unlimited quality sports radio on their favorite college teams from individual platforms accessible from their phone or on the web. 


Through a series of usability studies, we uncovered three (3) primary pain points focused around these key areas:

Landing page

  • Users seemed thrown off with the automatic play of the live stream radio. 


  • Users were uncertain of the benefit from creating an account. 
  • Users preferred a ‘one-click’ registration. 
  • Users were confused when seconds after live stream started the registration screen popped up. 


  • Though not part of the usability tasks we found the icons were not universally understood. 


Following analysis of usability studies, we explored possible design solutions through design stories, task flows, and wireframes. We ultimately settled on the below recommendations to deploy and test. 

Landing page & Registration

  • Set ‘Registration Page’ as the ‘Landing Page’.
  • Include a value proposition.
  • Allow users to connect with a social account.
  • Launch live stream after registration.